Soulful Choice

If you had a choice of saving the Earth and it’s inhabitants, or saving your own soul to get into Heaven, what would you choose? I choose to save the Earth and it’s inhabitants. To me that is Heaven. Being able to extend compassion and kindness to those who need a helping hand, educating on the atrocities inflicted upon animals (human and non-human) and our planet Earth. That is Heaven. As human beings, we have a responsibility to take care of the gifts that were given to us…

Shannon Wright



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13 thoughts on “Soulful Choice

  1. I already believe we will be in Heaven with all our beautiful creatures that we love, I’m pretty sure if we are in Heaven we won’t have to worry about those poachers any more or the terrible people who kill animals.I will be more than happy to love people as much as I love myself, as long as they respect what God put on this Earth to be cherished, not tortured.

  2. This is one of those hypothetical questions that has no basis in reality for me, because one of the earliest admonitions God has for us is to take care of the Earth. He also tells us to love others as we love ourselves. For a Christian it’s not a choice of protecting the Earth or loving others. The real question should be how we choose to go about it.

    • I’m thrilled to pieces that you think this way Jane. My aunt, who is also a Christian, believes it’s OK to destroy the planet and kill innocent, sentient beings (non-human animals) because Jesus will come back to fix it. Therefore, her words to me were, “My soul is worth more than this Earth”. Very sad indeed!

      • Christians come in all flavors, but the more I know my Bible and come to understand my Saviour, the more concern I have for others. At the same time, the day will come when this earth will pass away. A new heaven and a new earth will come into being, “and there will be no more tears.” I’m looking forward to that.

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