Friday Blaque List 20

What I’m….


Laying out on the grass with two of my babies.

Oaky, 1 baby (Mally) & 1 monster-baby (yes, that would be MegaDeath).


Photo: Sylver Blaque / My babies Mally & MegaDeath



Have a ton of studying to do, and thought it would be less chore-like doing it surrounded by nature and doggies.


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Groundhog hiding from MegaD



Fat chance.

Can’t concentrate on the intricacies of US/Middle East political policies while trying to keep my dog from devouring scampering squirrels and hopping bunnies!

What the hell was I thinking coming out here with a laptop & a MegaDeath??



Take a study break to distract my natural born killer with a game of Catch-Me-Kill-Me.

MegaD’s all-time favorite game.

(Because he always wins & nearly kills me!)


Photo: Sylver Blaque / My sweet killer MegaDeath


What’s your Blaque List today?


Blaque List


12 thoughts on “Friday Blaque List 20

  1. I kid you not, as I clicked on the puppies’ photos, Gracie happened to be standing near me. When she saw the pictures come up she put her nose up to the screen of the laptop. (I think she wants to arrange a play date).

    • I agree! They’re always puppies, right? MegaD’s an Aussie Shepard mix – I have no idea what with. He’s a rescue, poor baby – had the most horrific life before now. And though he’s a terror 90% of the time, my heart melts for him. Mally’s a rescue, too – her story is unreal. I’m going to post about it, because it needs to be told…

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