Blog Commenting: Kill the Joker & Kick CAPTCHA to the Curb!

joker-smile-cardsToday, Blogelina published an article I wrote about the trials & tribs of leaving comments on barbwire-protected blogs.

You know, the ones with unreadable CAPTCHAs, and other Comment-preventing issues that make you feel like you’re being leered at by the Joker while scaling a barbed wire fence!

Well, climb down. (Carefully!)

Because I’d like to share Five Easy Solutions to kill your blog’s Joker, and kick CAPTCHA to the curb!

Got your cleats on? Good. ‘Cuz we’ve got some Joker ass to kick!

1.  Log out, toss your cookies. (If you take this literally, you’re on your own for clean-up!) This will enable you to experience your blog the way visitors do.

2.  Go to your blog. Try to suppress your deep, abiding love for your blog, and put yourself in a busy visitor’s shoes.

3.  Pick a post – any post – and try to leave a comment. Do this for a few of your posts. How many times can you tolerate CAPTCHA? How much time do you have on your hands to do so?

4. Some blogs burp & hiccup their way through the Comments process, depending upon things like blog host (or blogging software), browser used, or profile i.d. chosen by the commenter. Sometimes, a comment is accepted with only 1 click. Other times, a visitor can click themselves into an epileptic seizure but still never get a comment to go through.


How many clicks does it take to take to get to the tootsie roll center of your Comments section?

If the answer is more than 1, chances are your blog Joker is cackling. And your visitors are not enjoying the joke!

Let’s see how we can discover exactly why your Joker is grinning.

4a.  Open other browsers – Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Navigate your blog again from each one. Leave comments. How easy is it to do from different browsers?

4b.  The compatibility of your blog host (or blogging software) with the profile i.d. your commenter has chosen, sometimes prevents the commenter’s i.d. from being accepted.

For example, WordPress i.d.’s are not always so smoothly accepted (and sometimes rejected completely) by Blogger blogs. This forces your commenters to choose other i.d.’s, which they may not like – if only because those other i.d.’s may append a generic image to their name instead of a personalized gravatar photo.


Hi! I’m Nobody!

I look like Nothing! Nice to meet’cha!”

Hmmm….not exactly an ego-boost for valued commenters.


Now, in  your attempt to discover the breadth of your blog Joker’s grin, choose a different profile i.d. for each comment you leave on your own posts:


Do some work while others do not?

Or, in spite of all these choices, does your blog host (or blogging software) require that commenters create an account with your blog host in order to leave a comment? (WordPress bloggers experience this often when trying to leave comments on Blogger blogs.)

5. Last – but the absolute opposite of least…change the Comments settings on your blog to “Moderate” rather than CAPTCHA. If you moderate, there’s no need for CAPTCHA. Why erect a double Fort Knox whammy against commenters unless you’re selling bars of gold from your blog?

In which case, wow! Go, you!

(I’ll take 4 bars, please. Do you have a layaway plan?)


Happy Blogging!

And here’s to many more golden comments on your blog!


Have you ever been bled out by barbwire while trying to comment on a blog?



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21 thoughts on “Blog Commenting: Kill the Joker & Kick CAPTCHA to the Curb!

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  3. I loved your article on Bloggilina & clicked to read more. I am a hater of all bared wire too. I have a blogspot blog and I have turned off captcha a while ago & do not moderate, which leaves me open to some spam comments. There spam filter is pretty good at catching most of them, but it is not hard to remove them if one slips through. I plan on taking a look at my blog through new eyes anyway. If I can just find out what makes some load so darn slow (including my own at times) I would be a much happier commenter & reader. thanks for you sage advice :o) ~Faythe @ GMT

    • You’re welcome, Faythe. Good for you for taking steps to make commenting easier on your visitors! I’m sure they’ll love you for it. 🙂

      As for the slow-load issue, I think oftentimes this is a host matter (sometimes they’re doing maintenance on the site to keep things running smoothly), or possibly the size of images/backgrounds, etc. Larger file sizes can contribute to slow-loading. I’m no tekkie, so I can’t speak intelligently on this but check your blog’s support forum. You may find others with the same issue & lots of viable solutions. Good luck & happy blogging! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link love! Great advice to clear cookies and walk through the blog like a new reader. This is helpful in so much more than commenting.

    I also take my readers seriously. One commented that she’d like to see larger photos. Another was bothered that my blog did not save her information. I happily worked towards making each of them happy. Why? Because without readers, my blog is just bandwidth!

    • You’re welcome, Pam! And thanx for your great post giving us insight into the commenter’s mind. You hit the nail on the head: “…without readers, my blog is just bandwidth!”

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