OWS: Police Handcuff Woman Suffering a Seizure

ows-protestDuring a peaceful gathering in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street protests, RT News reports that the NYPD arrested and caused injury to dozens of OWS protesters – including a woman suffering a medical seizure.

According to RT News, eyewitnesses described a woman suffering from a seizure being handcuffed by police and deprived of medical attention for nearly fifteen minutes.

Witness Leslie Kaufman told AFP News that, “It was a good 10 or 15 minutes before they got an ambulance. I thought, oh no, is this the moment when this woman is going to die right there?”

RT News also reports that three other women injured by NYPD were taken from the scene in ambulances. As well, the news site provides video of the police attack on female protester Cecily McMillian. The police were said to have been obstructing members of the press from entering the square “for safety reasons.”

bleeding-ows-victimInterestingly, U.S. mainstream news media – who does not hesitate to headline stories about police injuries at the hands of OWS protesters – is becoming increasingly less vocal about the abusive treatment and resulting serious injuries of OWS protesters at the hands of police.



Why do you think police are responding so aggressively at peaceful OWS protests? 

Why do you suppose U.S. mainstream news ignores or downplays aggressive police action against OWS protesters? 


World News Wednesday


8 thoughts on “OWS: Police Handcuff Woman Suffering a Seizure

  1. The media is too busy reporting on the police brutality 10,000 miles away to report on the abuses happening 10 miles away. When is the UN going to launch an intervention of the US?

  2. As for the police, try frustration and fatigue. Can you imagine how tired they are of dealing with this? That’s not a commentary on whether the OWS people should or should not be there – just that police are people, too – but they have guns and tazers.

    As for the media, two things. One is that they tend report what sells soap. Apparently soap sales go down when they report on OWS.

    Also, Team Liberal has moved out of the “blame Bush” mode to the “get Obama re-elected” mode. OWS is about economic issues in our nation and it’s more popular to report how amazing our economic recovery is than suggest the Obama plan is not working. It’s called spin.

    • Good points. However, frustration & fatigue do not justify the increasingly violent actions they’re taking against peaceful protesters. Pertaining to the last point, right-o! It is indeed more popular to “sell soap” (love that expression! 🙂 ) about how amazing our economic recovery is going – truth be damned! Let the soap bubbles rise! And I would add that there is an even more pressing impetus for our media’s bias OWS reporting: media allegiance to corporations, and the job risks journalists face if their reporting doesn’t fall in line with the best interests of their owners. Spin, indeed!

      • I’m not justifying their actions. It’s their job to serve and protect. That’s what they’ve been hired to do and were trained to do. I’m just acknowledging that they are human and dealing with the protesters constantly, when there are rapists, murderers and child molesters to chase must be frustrating.

        • Agreed. It is important to remember that they are human – though, some more than others. What is unfortunate is that the abusive ones taint the reputation of all. We have a number of law enforcement friends of our family, and it hurts to see them twisting in the wind because of the actions of more abusive officers. I think it’s important that these abusers are brought into the light, rather than hidden behind their right-doing co-workers. Your point is well taken & though I come at it from a different vein, I do agree that there is always another side to the story.

          • Officers and officials who take advantage of the very people they are supposed to be protecting is one vilest things that goes on anywhere. It whittles away at the very fabric of society. So we may not always say the same things, but I think we come from a similar place. Keep up the great work. I love your through provoking work!

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