Friday Blaque List 19

Where I…


At work.


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Feeding baby squirrel. We have lots of babies. Their mothers get run over by cars, and the babies starve to death without their milk (we use baby formula).


What I’m…


Surreptitiously watching a baby bear tumble around on an injured leg.

So precious!

Cannot make eye contact and cannot talk. Must even purposely frighten him on occasion. The sound of human voices accompanied by feedings & other rehabilitation caregiving would teach wildlife to trust humans, and this could be the death of them. Because after the animals are healed and re-released, they would trustingly run toward hunters rather than away from them!



In love. In heaven. Completely happy.

And deeply worried.

Because I know this precious piece of life will be back in the wild, soon. And he’ll be on his own.


We found him huddled beside the body of his mother, who had been shot by a hunter. We weren’t able to save her, which broke my heart. But this little guy is gonna be fine. He’s healthy, and just old enough to begin foraging on his own.

And what a hero this baby is!


He tried valiantly to protect his mother when we approached. When I say it broke my heart that she died, I mean it BROKE. MY. WHOLE. HEART.

For him.

Animals have feelings. And they run as deeply as our own.

This little guy was in a depression for weeks. Wouldn’t eat, whimpered incessantly, and even now, won’t stop looking for his mother where we put her, in a pen in the woods surrounding our rehab center, while trying to save her.

I sometimes take photos of our patients, but I refuse to do anything that would acclimate this little guy to humans. I want him to fear us in order for him to be safe when he’s out there on his own. I want him to RUN from humans with the fear of the devil, because hunters will see him only as a target & snuff out the life we’ve worked hard to save – just as they did to his mother.




That one day, ALL humans will use their position of power over other forms of life to protect those lives rather than destroy them.


What do you think about how humans treat wildlife?


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11 thoughts on “Friday Blaque List 19

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  2. I completely agree with how you treat wild life. I think that your method for protecting the abandoned and healed babies against future encounters with hunters is superb and beyond what most people consider when attempting to save wildlife.

  3. It’s so sad what we do to wildlife. It must be hard wanting to provide some comfort and care for these animals, but knowing you can’t get close because it would hurt their chances for survival. You’re doing wonderful work!

    • Yes, it’s very sad. But we can’t give up – won’t give up. And you’re right, it’s sooo hard not to love ’em up when they’re in our care. But their long-term survival is the reason we’re doing this & we can’t jeopardize that for anything. Thank your for your supportive words. 🙂

  4. I just finished reading a piece on Yahoo News about how Donald Trump’s two sons just finished a hunt killing an elephant and others of God’s creatures (it is the local custom – according to them). I think I’m going to do a post on this in a bit.

    The only good that came from this is that I lost my appetite – so I will make progress tonight on my diet by fasting.

    “We cannot have peace among men whose hearts find delight in killing any living creature.” -Rachael Carson

  5. Such a beautiful, thoughtful, heartbreaking post. So down with your sentiments. I think it’s sad that we inhabit the world like everything else in it is there for our use and exploitation, rather than as a symbiotic part of something amazing huh.

    • Exactly, Bekah! Why do we humans assume that everything here was created expressly for our use, and nothing else? I will never understand that arrogant line of thought…

      Thank you for stopping by, and sharing your feelings about this very important issue. 🙂

  6. I find it sad and disturbing. I’m really just speechless and amazed at what you are doing. What a wonderful thing. I’m just trying not to cry. Ugh. Grew up with abusive extended family who hunted, abused animals and children… and raised more children who grew up abusing anything smaller than them. It makes me sick and very glad I moved my family far enough away to break the cycle.

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