What’s Your Visual DNA?

I found the coolest personality test.



So, how do you SEE yourself?

After you take the quiz, I challenge you to take it again. Except this time around, choose images which are the exact opposite of your personality.

Can you see the ‘Other‘ through new foreign eyes?


Did your results match your image of yourself?


Foreign Eyes Friday


10 thoughts on “What’s Your Visual DNA?

  1. I’m a little scared to do this! I know I have very poor self esteem (for my visual self anyway, I think I’m pretty awesome on the inside!) Lol, I’m a “Harmonizer”… I think I must have put in my hubb’s answers instead!

    • Actually, this quiz isn’t visual as in how you look. It’s a quiz that, instead of written answers, you chose photos that represent how you see yourself – like how you feel in the mornings, what kind of activities you chose to do when you’re stressed, what your dream vacation looks like…those kinds of things.

      So, nothing to fear with this one! 🙂

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