Saving Lives

world-globe-puzzle Foundations, campaigns and sympathetic governments…oh, my!

Life-saving measures to protect our earth’s non-human inhabitants are being successfully put into play across the globe.

From Florida to Africa, life blossoms.

In the Florida Keys, Ken Nedimeyer – founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation – has been named a CNN Hero for his innovative coral nurseries, as well as for his Molasses Reef and other successful reef-growing programs.

Dakatcha-birdIn Kenya, the Dakatcha Woodland Important Bird Area (IBA), home to two IUCN Red List endangered species, has been saved from destruction from the planting of biofuel crops.

A campaign, by NGO Nature Kenya, was successful in convincing Kenya’s National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to reject a plan to covert 10,000 hectares of forest into land for the planting of biofuel crops.

In Bangladesh, three new sanctuaries have been established in the Sundarbans -the world’s largest mangrove forest – for the protection of the South Asian River Dolphin. Listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red List, this dolphin species has disappeared from much of its habitat.


Which animal or other life forms would you hate to see our planet lose to extinction?


World News Wednesday


6 thoughts on “Saving Lives

  1. This is the type of news that would bring me back to watching the news. Helping each other whether animal, mineral or human is what life is all about in my book. Without one, can there really be another?

  2. I would like to see all the jerks that don’t think global warming is real and that don’t believe in protecting our fragile ecosystem(because God gave man dominion over the earth) become extinct.

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