Romney/Santorum = Clueless Millionaire for President?

romney-nascarGOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s speech at Detroit’s Ford Field reveals him to be “an average motor head.” Though, according to Stephen Colbert, that depends on your definition of ‘average.’

When asked how closely he follows NASCAR racing, Romney answered, “Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans, but I have some great friends that are, uh, NASCAR team owners.”

Quips Colbert, “If [Romney] wants to win, he should do more of this ‘regular guy’ stuff that he obviously loves.”

As for Rick Santorum, says Colbert, this GOP presidential candidate is “preparing for his real opponent, President Obama.

santorum-obamaSantorum, in a speech at an Americans for Prosperity Tea Party event in Troy, Michigan, attacked the President over higher education, saying, “President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob!

Santorum added that Americans are “good, decent men and women who go out and work hard every day, and put their skills to tasks that aren’t taught by some liberal college professor who’s trying to indoctrinate them…

Quips Colbert, “Rick Santorum understands the real American dream: that if you work hard enough, your children can have fewer opportunities than you did.

While apparently feeling brave enough to attack President Obama in a typically Obama-bashing setting, outside of that setting, Santorum “backtracked” on that particular critical statement.

As reported by CNN, Santorum called his accusation that Obama was a snob, “a little over the top.”


What’s your take on these failed attempts of wealthy politicians to connect with the average low-to-middle-income American?



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15 thoughts on “Romney/Santorum = Clueless Millionaire for President?

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  2. LOVE it! I hate party politics. The problem with the country is that people define themselves as Republican/ Democrat/ Tea Party and give up thinking for themselves. The let the politicians think for them. This is why we are in such a bad state. They are no longer being held accountable for the things they say. (Reference Gore/ Kerry). We accept an apology and are shocked the next time they say something offensive. If we won’t just accept an apology from a child, and we demand them to prove they are sorry, why are grown men getting away with saying what they want with no consequences?

    • Good question, Cari! Honestly, I don’t call the “sorrys” given out by politicians actual apologies. They offer them only when they fear losing votes, and then word them like this: “IF I said anything to offend, I apologize.” Hmph. Can you imagine someone slapping you across the face, stealing your wallet – calling you names as they did it – then saying, “IF that offended you, I apologize.”

      And yes, there are hoards of citizens who have given up thinking for themselves – that is evidenced by our current economic crisis, the one caused by the corporations who we have all stood by and allowed (by our silence, our inaction, our apathy & apathetic ignorance) to slowly purchase our government & gnaw away at our Constitutional freedoms.

      But in all fairness, I wouldn’t say that all citizens who align themselves with a particular political party are unthinking. I believe there are very intelligent, independent thinkers in all parties – marching right beside the unthinking ones. Such is life… 😐

  3. These guys have no clue. I hear them say “The American people this…” and “The American people that….” and they have no idea what they are talking about. “Well in 2 years we will have things turned around….” or “There are indicators that the economy is evolving positively….” Mr American lost his job 2 years ago, they already lost their home and health insurance. His 2 kids quit college and his wife has a 20 hour a week gig at the cafeteria that keeps them fed. But they will be evicted from their apt on the 30th and little Susan has leukemia. These guys have no idea of the absolute desperation faced by millions of people every day.

    • Agreed! And that, really, is the point here. How can you govern – that is, make CRUCIAL decisions about – the lives of people whom you have no concept of what their lives are like? No concept, because you are encapsulated in a world in which you, and everyone around you, strives to maintain, née increase, wealth & the level of comfort to which you are accustomed?

      In fact, the majority you govern cries out for you, and those like you, to slightly reduce your immense wealth so that those you govern may slightly decrease their impoverishment.

      Find me the politician willing to make choices which benefit the 99% MAJORITY rather than his own 1% MINORITY brethren, and I will pass out from shock, revive myself to vote for him, then die from astonishment if he wins!

  4. If only it were that easy. Are you trying to suggest that among Democrats there are no clueless millionaires. Obama is certainly a millionaire and he’s already a president. And what about Bill Clinton! Both of these men say things that seem clueless to me – especially when someone serves up a soundbite removed from it’s context. From my point of view, our current president has no connection to me and no understanding of what I want and why I want it. Cluelessness is in the eye of the beholder.

    Does a college education render anyone more valuable as a human being? Colbert may have made a clever quip, but the reality of the situation is that it IS snobbish to assume that to be anything in the world you have to have a college education. No matter what a man’s job is, if he’s honest and making a living for his family then I have the utmost respect for him. My sister does not have a college education, but she’s held down a responsible job for about thirty years, is a wonderful sister, wife and daughter. The true American Dream should be that we respect every man, woman and child, without regard to their financial worth.

    Not everyone is cut out for college and many people don’t want to go. Some of these non-college graduates will go on to invent things of great value to our society, others will create items of beauty and craft beautiful things to look at.

    The hue and cry being raised that EVERYONE should have a college education has had some pretty devastating results. People think they MUST get that degree, even if it means signing up for financial ruin. Whole categories of work go begging for workers, but since the mantra is that you have to have a college degree, people think there is something too demeaning about a job that doesn’t require a college education. Workers who dig ditches, serve coffee, harvest our food and work on our roads are made to feel as if their contribution is not significant, because they are not college educated. Gangs of kids shoot at each other and sell drugs to one another because they’ve bought what’s been told to them, that if they don’t graduate from college they will never be anyone.

    I usually find a lot of wisdom in what you have to say. I appreciate that your education is important to you and I hope that it enriches your life. But you might need to think this through a little more.

    • Hi Jane, thanks for taking the time to express yourself here – I always appreciate such thoughtful, passionate comments. And in this case, I agree with every point you made about college education. I am a living example of it: I graduated high school very early, did not feel the need or desire to attend university afterward, and resented the assumption that I should.

      My feeling about Santorum’s comment has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. I have no allegiance to either party. As far as clueless millionaires go, I think there are enough in both parties to fill the White House.

      I’m more concerned with the statement than which party it comes from. And I feel that Santorum’s comment did not take into account, in fact, insulted groups of people – especially people who desperately want to attend university but cannot afford to, people attending university, and university professors who are just teaching – not “indoctrinating.” I’ve had conversations with many people from each of these groups, and it was quite a learning experience; they are deeply insulted by Santorum’s statements about colleges. To my sensibilities, there’s something unfair, indeed clueless, about Santorum throwing this blanket statement across diverse groups of people in order to win the support of one particular group.

      I know…welcome to the wonderful world of politics! Lol. 🙄

      But for me, this is less about politics than acceptance of diversity – which I think you pointed out beautifully in your support of those who should not be judged or discriminated against just because they don’t have a college degree. I’ve lived that, and it’s neither fun, nor fair. No one deserves that kind of discrimination. But neither do those working hard to be able to – or those not financially able to – attend university, university students, nor university professors, deserve insulting blanket statements thrown over their efforts by politicians courting votes.

      I’d love to know how you feel about this because, just as you said you “usually find a lot of wisdom” in what I have to say, I feel the same about your comments and value learning from stimulating discussion.

  5. Perhaps we should have a “means” test for people who are elected to Congress and the Presidency – limiting eligible candidates to those who are not multi-millionaires. That would immediately clear out more than half the House and seventy percent of the Senate. Just think – a Congress filled with people who actually understood what working for a living was all about. (I would add lawyers, too – but I think they might already be covered under the “working for a living” concept).

    • Brilliant plan! Can you imagine the rocket-speed shift in the status quo? Average Americans would finally be taken into consideration when enacting the bills which affect them – bills which, historically, benefit corporations & their M-class CEOs while shearing the overwhelming majority of Americans to shreds.

      “…a Congress filled with people who actually understood what working for a living was all about.”

      Yes, this the dream of 99% of Americans.
      Sigh. 😐

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