Israeli Police Brutality of Palestinian Protesters

fadi-quranJust as U.S. police brutality videos are being pulled from YouTube by the powers that be, so follows the fate of such videos of U.S. staunch ally, Israel, depicting over-the-top police response to peaceful Palestinian protesters.

Such videos, as the one showing Fadi Quran – a peaceful Palestinian activist and double-degree International Relations and Physics Stanford University graduate – may be found only in alternative news outlets.

Though this revealing story of Israeli police brutality upon a peaceful Palestinian protestor has been headlined by dozens of alternative news outlets, U.S. mainstream news media has yet to report on it.

israeli-police-grabbing-palestinianAs detailed by Al Jazeera, Fadi Quran participated in a February 24, 2012 public protest with 500+ other Palestinian and Israeli opponents of Israel’s act of barring Palestinians from a main street in the city of Hebron – an act put into effect in 1994 after an American Jewish immigrant opened fire in a mosque, killing dozens and injuring nearly 200 Palestinian worshipers.

This American Jewish immigrant, Baruch Goldstein was, according to Al Jazeera, “embraced as a hero and great saint” for his violent action. Conversely, nearly 200,000 Palestinian residents of Hebron were slapped with a curfew, still in effect today, nearly 20 years after Goldstein’s massacre.


What’s your take on this story?


World News Wednesday


5 thoughts on “Israeli Police Brutality of Palestinian Protesters

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  4. The mainstream media is just a tool. A tool for guiding the simple-minded. It would be inconvenient to show that America’s BFF in the middle east was really no better than the dictatorships we invade to protect the people from this same kind of stuff.

    • You mean the dictatorships we put into place, support, and censor any news about our involvement in their reigns of terror and destruction while saturating the airwaves with news reports of our march in to “save” the day? Those dictatorships?

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