Leech Love


I first encountered them intimately in the rain forests of Madagascar.

Every night, when I stepped under the waterfall in the river where I bathed, I spent the first 10 min. or so gently scraping them off my body…

…from my belly, inner thighs, the back of my neck, behind my ears & knees, underneath my arms, between my toes…


…and other unmentionable heat-generating areas.😯

Because I couldn’t reach the ones on my back, I would pour on some vinegar & the little cuties would let go on their own.

I know. I hear you.


But, really, they’re mostly harmless and very sweet.


I know you don’t believe that, so I’m going to write a post later about my experience with leeches – from my initial screaming freak-outs to my forced acclimation.

Because when living in a jungle, you don’t have the luxury of choosing who sucks on you.🙄

In the meantime, I saw this leech video & thought it might tenderize your heart toward leeches.



Do not eat, drink tequila with a worm inside, or let anyone pucker-up to kiss you while watching this video.


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4 thoughts on “Leech Love

  1. I had only one encounted with leeches and that happened while swimming in Lake Champlain in Vermmont. I returned to shore with and discovered that eight or nine of them had hitched a ride. (I didn’t appreciate their thumbing it as I hadn’t pulled over to aid any stranded passengers).

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