Husbands: What Exactly Is It That They Do?

What my wife’s mother thinks I do



What my wife thinks I do



What my mother thinks I do



What my children think I do



What I think I do




What I really do



What do you think husbands do?


Sylver Lining Sunday


9 thoughts on “Husbands: What Exactly Is It That They Do?

  1. My husband supports me and encourages me ALL THE TIME… even with my weird monkey voice and puppet things. Seriously, the first thing I think of is the running list of all the work he has put into supporting the projects that *I* want to do. He enjoys them as well, but its always something that I get started. Be it plays and theater, writing a book, hosting a prom for the local homeschoolers, a new puppet, my clean eating blog, anything. And when I’m done with one thing and ready for the next, he’s happy for the break. I can count on one hand the times he’s said something like, “Can we just have a little bit of a break?” in the last 18 years!

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