The Music We Hate Most: Rap & Opera

music-boomboxIn a recent NPR social media poll, asking readers to name the music genres they completely ignore, both Rap and Opera hit sour notes for many.

Said one participant about Opera, “Very little of opera is worth bothering with and even then only as instrumental music rather than as the sounds of tortured cats.”

Another participant had this to say about Rap: “Oh, and by the way, rap is not music. It is mostly a bunch of meaningless drivel by people with no real talent and who certainly should not get paid.

Why do Rap and Opera “act like lightning rods when it comes to musical preferences?” NPR’s Tom Huizenga explores our reaction to these polar music genres in ‘Why Do People Hate Rap and Opera?


Do you hate Opera? Rap?

Why (or Why not?)


World News Wednesday


7 thoughts on “The Music We Hate Most: Rap & Opera

  1. Rap is not music. It is cacophony pefromed at unacceptably high levels by people who sound like they are prison escapees using language that is unacceptable to most civilized people describing subjects (if there is any subject at all) which most of us would rather not hear about. Those are my positive points on rap. This being a general audience blog, I will refrain from sharing my negative views on the subject.

    Grand opera has been around for centuries. It has stood the test of time. If it had not we would be looking it up as a footnote in our musical encyclopedias instead of playing in the great opera houses of the world.

    • I could not stop laughing after reading your description of Rap! Hysterically detailed assessment! Thanx for this belly-whopper of a laugh today 🙂 But, you know, millions of people do like Rap. And you’d be surprised at who some of them are. I was stunned to discover that one of my professors at school loves Rap. He’s in his 60’s, a Fulbright Scholar, and he also loves opera and classical music. Go figure! 😯

  2. I am wildly crazy about opera. Most people have no idea how often they hear music from the great operas used for everything from background music in ads to romantic restaurant ambiance. However, opera is best live. It’s like every form of art all rolled into one – with costumes! It’s a high ticket item, but I love it!

    • Love your description of being “wildly crazy about opera.” 🙂 I’ve never seen a live opera, but I’ve heard so many people say how stirring they are. I have one operatic song in my World Music Monday section, but honestly, it’s the only piece I’ve ever heard that I loved. Maybe I do need to see a live opera…

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