Struggling Taxpayers Bailout Senate Barbershop

the-senate-barber-shopAs lower- and middle-income Americans continue to suffer through the economic downturn, the U.S. government provides another taxpayer-funded bailout to an unlikely “institution.”

The Senate barbershop.



As reported by The Daily, “America’s most distinguished leaders get their hair cut at the Senate barbershop, but taxpayers are the ones really getting clipped.”

According to Time, “The Senate salon, located in the basement of the Russell Senate Office Building, opened in 1859 and served only senators, for free, until the 1970s. Now it serves the public—for a price—and welcomed about 27,000 customers last year, still not enough to not require taxpayer money to keep it humming.”

It would seem that Congress has no qualms about skimming a little off the top…of taxpayer dollars.


World News Wednesday


4 thoughts on “Struggling Taxpayers Bailout Senate Barbershop

  1. Well, let’s face it – this is really chump change. But the mindset which prompts all these “Imperial Perks” ultimately translates into really serious stuff. Like the attitude that our legislators make the laws – but regularly exempt themselves from being subject to them.

    • I agree. There is a very long list of responsibilities that our legislators exempt themselves from without giving a thought to the fact that their chump change expenses are needlessly – not to mention illegally – emptying our wallets!

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