Linsanity Spreads Beyond the Court

jeremy_linIf we’re under the impression that Asians aren’t tall enough to play basketball, the new star point guard for the Knicks is proving us dead wrong.

Jeremy Lin is making basketball history.

As reported by Salon, “Whatever screen you’re watching on, your phone, computer or TV, it’s the Jeremy Lin show now, and the whole country is tuning in.”

Says Salon reporter, Alexander Chee, in his article The Jeremy Lin Show:

The NBA, much like America’s conversation about race, has been something of a black and white ball — and Asian-American stars were simply not invited to the dance.”

It’s still true that whatever color you are in America, if you’re not white you have to be twice as good to get half as far.

Part of the Jeremy Lin moment is America looking at an Asian-American and realizing he’s just an American, too.

The U.S. is not the only country celebrating this basketball phenomena. Time follows Lin fever to the East..

And, in a less p.c. post (brace yourself), Deadspin explores the undertones of “Linsanity.


What’s your take on ‘Linsanity‘?


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2 thoughts on “Linsanity Spreads Beyond the Court

  1. “It’s still true that whatever color you are in America, if you’re not white you have to be twice as good to get half as far.“n
    I would argue this is not the case in a vast part of America. In the Miami Dade School system if you are not Black, Hispanic or Haitian you will not climb the career ladder . No school has a white principal, Few whites are even hired as the races and ethnicities “take care of their own.” It is the same with elected officials which also include areas where only a Jewish person can get elected. It is further corrupted by the nepotism and cronyism within each subgroup, Miami is an area where “minorities” are the overwhelming majority by at least 90%. They all have “over opportunity” which guarantees a lock on the system as these minorities advance by quota even though they are the majority.

    • I’ll bet a lot of people agree with your points, Carl. But I’d venture to say that the quoted statement is indeed true throughout America. As you pointed out, in pockets of the country, there are definitely ‘minorities’ who stick together & help each other up the ladder. But I believe they have to do this in order to obtain a toehold in at least some sections of a nation such as ours in which a White majority does and always has ruled. I’m afraid I do not blindly believe in the equality of the American Dream, which has historically proven itself to be largely available for only a small portion of ‘minorities’ comparative to the vast portion of our ‘majority’ race.

      I’m glad you expressed your viewpoint about this issue, Carl. People are sometimes reticent to discuss these kinds of topics, but I think these are the things we desperately need to dialog about. I’m really happy you did so here – thank you! 🙂

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