The Stranger Song

I love discovering old artists! I learned about this artist from Mike, a commenter here. Thanx, Mike! 🙂


Song: The Stranger Song

Artist: Leonard Cohen

Country: Canada

Genre: Rock (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)



Mood: From the very first notes…mellow sorrow w/ a strangely uplifting effect. Maybe it’s the combo of incredible guitar-strumming behind a worn-velvet voice that reaches in & gently squeezes your emotion so you have to listen…repeatedly.


World Music Monday


2 thoughts on “The Stranger Song

    • Yeah, his voice is crazy-yum. Melts all over you, doesn’t it? I sometimes feel like us “youngins” today missed all the best music. My dad played music that I was completely baffled by as a kid, but now love. And I’m discovering so many more oldies that I really like…

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