Perfect Place (Winter)


It’s not a real place, so of course it’s perfect.

It snows all the time, and the sun shines only when I want it to.

It rains only on days when I can sleep in….

…lulled back into slumber by that wonderful trickling water sound that makes me feel all warm & cozy under my down comforter.

Since everything is snow-covered, I don’t have to worry about pruning trees, cutting grass or tending a demanding garden. It’s always a picture-perfect winter wonderland.

When I venture out, the only sound is the muted scrunch of boots in the snow, and an occasional tinker-bell shattering of fallen icicles. Sometimes, a hunk of snow drops from a tree limb, and I’ll hear the soft “mffft” of snow meeting snow.

I love that sound.

So luscious.

In this perfect place, no cars drive the streets, no children come out to play. No one shatters the silence and snowy perfection. Everything stays as it fell. Even my own footprints disappear behind me as I walk.


But my little Sweet Pea’s don’t.

They stay forever.

Perfect little paw prints…the sweetest sight of all.





Sylver Lining Sunday


10 thoughts on “Perfect Place (Winter)

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  2. Mm… I feel like I’m in Narnia all of the sudden… Lovely description. (Lovely blog header & background, too.) I’m energized by snowfall, and at the same time, peaceful. Nighttime blizzards are the best.

    I have a treeing walker coonhound, and it’s so cute to take her out in the snow. Apparently, a blanket of white stuff allows her to focus on all the fresh new scents in the area! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Nice to ‘meet’ you.

    • Oh, nighttime blizzards! How I adore them! I’m afraid we may be completely out of the ‘norm’ in our adoration of snow, cold, and nighttime blizzards.

      Your dog sounds adorable. Nice to meet you both! 🙂

  3. So loved the visuals I got from reading your words. The quiet that comes with a snowfall is magical, perfect, soul stirring. I remember waking early as a child, listening to the outside to determine if we had a “snow day” from school ~ just by the sound.

  4. Great photos. I know people in Las Vegas must think I’m crazy, but I miss the chill of a good winter and the mounds of snow piling up in parks and streets. However, I do remember a time when after a great snowfall I took a shortcut through an open field to get out of the wind and cold faster – and literally got stuck in a snowbank. I was panicked and thought I would be trapped until spring. But then I leaned back and was able to free my legs. What an experience!

    • I don’t mean to laugh, but LMAO! That snowbank adventure sounds awesome! Reminds me of a children’s book called Ramona the Pest – that kid got stuck in mud in new, red rainboots – hysterical! But I’m glad you got out before reverting into an ice sculpture 🙂

    • Thanx for your comment 🙂 Yeah, most people prefer sunshine & blue skies, but for some reason I love knee-deep snow & near-zero chill factors. There’s just something so cozy about snow-frosted windows & crackling fires…

      You have a great week, too!

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