My Op/Ed: Selective Media Blackout

world-globe-with-news-logosIf you haven’t heard about the multitude of Teamsters strikes happening across the nation, the question is: why not?

The answer?

Because our news is curiously silent about it.

While U.S. mainstream news media does not hesitate to broadcast negative impressions of OWS protests, these same news outlets appear to have no impression of corporate America.

Routinely reporting ambivalently, under-reporting, or completely ignoring actions and events that might cast corporations in a bad light, mainstream U.S. journalists are sending clear messages to Americans.

The messages?

1. We, your stewards of democracy, are not as free as you think.

2. We, your ‘objective’ source of information, are not as unbiased as you’re led to believe.

3. The truth is, we are not beholden to you, the citizens. You do not pay our salaries.

Corporations do.

corporate-media-signGeneral Electric up to no good?

You won’t  hear about it on NBC. Why? GE owns  that news network. Those journalists are not going to risk losing their jobs in order to inform you about this particular corporate giant’s destructive misdeeds.

Disney inherently racist?

ABC will ignore, disseminate, or ridicule such information to keep the magic of Disney alive. Why? The Walt Disney Company owns ABC Television.

Walt Disney’s journalists are very aware of who’s buttering their paychecks. They will not risk financial un-buttering in order to inform you about Disney’s historical and ongoing racist portrayals. Moreover, Disney owns various publishing companies, including publishing giant Simon & Schuster. So, only Disney-friendly books or magazine articles will be published in Walt Disney Companyland.

News Corp engaging in disparaging video and photo manipulationCorrupt payments to foreign officials? Illegal wiretapping?

For as long as possible, you won’t hear a peep from Fox News or The Wall Street Journal. However, once alternative and foreign news media get wind of the scandal, you’ll be barraged hourly with Fox denials and WSJ spin. Why? Because News Corp owns both.

Time Warner owns CNN. CBS is the leading supplier of videos to Google (i.e YouTube). Viacom owns MTV. And the list goes on…


Is it any wonder we are mired in corporate financial manure?

We have no idea what’s really going on.

Yet blindly, we trust…


Do you believe mainstream U.S. news media serves the people?

Or the corporations which own them?


World News Wednesday


16 thoughts on “My Op/Ed: Selective Media Blackout

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  9. Of course, they serve the people who own them! It’s all about what sells and what it sells. It is very naive to even suppose that they do anything else. The real problem is what WE the people choose to watch and we respond in dollars. You don’t like what’s going on? Whining about it isn’t going to do a smidgen of good. Quit watching!. Only pay attention to independent news sources. When someone sponsors something you believe in, let them know that you appreciate it with an email and then spend as much money as you can on what they sell. That’s better than a ballot in the box for anybody.

    • I like the way you put this: “It’s all about what sells and what it sells.” Exactly! And I’m glad you pointed out our responsibility in the choices we make with our dollars. You hit the nail on the head about these choices being “better than a ballot in the box,” because, as always, money speaks volumes.

      But there are people who are very naive about our news; I meet them nearly every day. They believe that if it’s on the news, it must be true. They place great weight on news reports, and make decisions about people & nations based on these biased reports. They have no idea about media ownership, and the implications of that. Many of them probably wouldn’t even believe it if you told them, so great is their faith in the objectivity myth.

      Hopefully, as more people like you & the commenter below continue to make wise media choices, the tide will turn…

    • Smart move! I really think schools at every level should teach students how to disseminate the info they receive. This way, they’ll be better informed about how to choose their news sources.

  10. Good post! Good Points! In my past I was a rank-and-file Teamster for 19 years, a union steward for 5 years, and an elected trustee (an executive board member) for an 1,100 member local union for 3 years. Unions have done more for working folks than any politician ever dreamed of doing; everyone working in the US owes them a debt. It’s sad they no longer get the respect they deserve—and the media coverage they deserve.

    • Good for you! You should be proud of that service to society. But the sad thing is, how will Americans know about this vital piece of the workforce pie without being informed about it? It’s an enormous disservice, keeping us in the dark this way about this sector of our society & the history behind it. It always strikes me that the real heroes of our nation are consistently ignored…

  11. If I want to know something important, I always read news from publicly funded news sources like Prison Planet, Info Wars, the Young Turks or The Real News. Never trust corporations to tell the truth or do what’s right.

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