Guantanamo: Still On Board

guantanamo-prison-barbwireGuantanamo Bay’s 10th anniversary has come and gone.

But in spite of U.S. government promises to close down the infamous prison for suspected terrorists, it remains open.

Moreover, it may survive another decade under new provisions peppered throughout the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 – provisions which allow “indefinite military detention of American terrorism suspects,” and “suspected foreign enemies.”

Supporters of the new provisions, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) – who is also an author of the bill – says, “We’re no longer in the box of having to read Miranda rights to terrorists who come to America to try to kill us.

But, according to Huff Post World, critics on the left argue that the law accomplishes exactly what its Republican authors intended, which is to “legally enshrine, for the first time in 60 years, the authority to hold citizens without trial.”

Human Rights Watch attorney Andrea Prasow, compares the new bill to the McCarren Act of 1950, which legalized the jailing of suspected Communists.

Says Prasow, “This law codifies indefinite detentions of American citizens for the first time since the McCarthy era.


Do you support this new bill?

Or are you alarmed that it threatens our Miranda rights?


World News Wednesday

10 thoughts on “Guantanamo: Still On Board

  1. Hello – Republicans are the guys that support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – especially the conservative ones. It’s the other team that tries to circumvent them. As to Miranda Rights, I think they’re a lot like the new x-ray machines in the airports, more about appearances than anything else.

  2. I like that you’re raising awareness by posting and of course dislike what is happening.

    “the law accomplishes exactly what its Republican authors intended, which is to ‘legally enshrine, for the first time in 60 years, the authority to hold citizens without trial.'” – this terrifies me more than terrorism

    • You & me, both. Slowly but surely, in so very many sectors which affect our rights, bills are being slid under the door & passed without our knowledge in deliberately orchestrated moves that hide the snatching away of our freedoms behind words like “terrorism.”

  3. In the entire field of candidates running for President of the United States, including the incumbent President Obama, there is only one individual who has consistently stood for the preservation of freedoms granted by the Constitution of the United States. That person is Congressman Ron Paul. And I’m told that people can’t vote for him because he’s too “extreme.” Well, he’s been extremely consistent.
    Maybe, before it’s foisted on to us unwillingly we need to adapt a little extremeity in our lives. After all, it was President Richard M. Nixon who said, “The only problem with the middle of the road is that nothing grows there.”

    • I like that middle-of-the-road quote…completely true. And extreme events do call for extreme measures or, like you said, things will be forced upon us in response to our inaction. Which, let’s face it, is what’s been happening all along.

  4. Any time a person is arrested for ANY reason inside USA, the Constitution enlivens to grant that arrestee particular protocol guaranteed in Bill of Rights. Few people know that Abraham Lincoln detained 3,000 people indefinitely during Civil War using these same arguments and without any law allowing such detention or any law giving the president such powers. I thought we have held Gitmo as naval base since 1898.

  5. The NDAA is an unbelievable power grab that has made me ashamed of my country and I’m sure the bodies of America’s dead patriots are rolling over in their graves. Obama deserves to be put on trial along with the majority of government officials who supported it.

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