Lucid OWS Rant From the Generation Losing ‘The American Dream’


At first, I thought this was just another rant.

I almost clicked away.

I’m glad I didn’t.

This guy is ranting for an entire generation.

A generation who didn’t create any of this, but who has to suffer through it – and watch our children suffer through it – long after the generation who did create this mess is gone.

Get corporations out of our politics!” he cries.

Look at the faces in the crowd…how they at first seem unsure about whether this guy is nuts, but then, as they listen, you can actually see gradual realization of the impact of what he’s saying sinking in.

I really hope someone, anyone, in the 1% sees this, and experiences the same realization.


But then he says, “Bring production back to America!

This statement is met with a rebuttal. From a guy I wish had kept talking. I would have loved to hear  his argument.

But what he did say, I wholeheartedly agree with:

ows-protester “We don’t have any beef with the people around the world! It’s not ‘us vs. them nationalism!’

We support people around the world who are in trouble with us. It’s not the U.S. vs. them. That’s not the kind of politics that’s going to move this forward!


What’s your take on this video?


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10 thoughts on “Lucid OWS Rant From the Generation Losing ‘The American Dream’

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree with them both, but this articulate young man says it all so well — “If we lose America, we lose the world to the elite…” I have a daughter who is in college, steeped already in college debt, and working hard to pay it off as she goes. Thank God she hasn’t fallen into credit card debt or she would surely be an indentured servant for the rest of her life unless some great luck befalls her, which is unlikely. Experts are actually advising many kids today against getting an expensive college education now, instead opting to learn a skilled trade (then pay as they go for a college degree). Skilled trades are expected to bring in much more than working as a paper pusher in middle management with a degree as the skilled workforce ages with no American replacements with the know-how. Plumbers are expected to make more than doctors in their future. This has gotten really scary as America has awakened from the American Dream into a nightmare, and this generation’s kids are forced to redefine what is a secure livelihood. Increasingly more are opting against older generation’s hoarding of wealth, just seeking security, ultimately comfort, and aiming for doing what they love for less money, so many looking to run their own small business of one, working longer hours and facing greater sacrifice and less security but at least retaining power over their own lives despite the outcome, which they prefer. All this while our own middle-aged generation has shown these kids their own parents getting laid off from steady work, pink-slipped after years of loyalty to large corporations who have left them cold. He’s right — end the Fed, end corporate involvement in politics, end lobbyists, end wars, stop outsourcing jobs to overseas, and keep America afloat as we all weather this looming crisis, which is like no other in history.

    • Here! Here! I love your passion & I agree with your points. You are absolutely right: “America has awakened from the American Dream into a nightmare…” And this nightmare has only begun, because the elites who created it have learned nothing from it. Rather than being punished for the destruction they wreaked upon society, these elites were excused, bailed out. Their crimes against the middle-class & poor have been expunged. With their lobby-bought Get Out of Jail Free card, they danced away from the fallout that we’re all drowning in. Thank you for this impassioned, informative comment that speaks to the heart of matters – OUR matters, the ones our ‘elected’ officials alternate between ignoring or boldly trampling upon.

  4. I’m no economist or anything but it seems like a good solution for outsourcing would be to give big tax breaks to American companies that hire at least 90% of their workforce in the US and raise taxes on companies that don’t. But I’m sure the guys in Washington already thought of that and the lobbyists stopped them. Bleh.

  5. While the gentleman is right to be worked up—there’s definitely a lot out there to get worked up over—I think he needs to narrow his focus. He’s taking a shotgun approach and trying to hit every single target with one giant blast. With the exception of revolution (not a good idea), mass change doesn’t happen just like that.

    • True, mass change takes a massive amount of time. And I think that’s part of his anger – that it took only weeks for the crash to wipe us out, but will take years to rectify, decades for us to see any justice. You’re also right about focus. But it’s not always easy to concentrate with a bully’s foot up your…well, you get the point. 🙂

  6. SB – if you think back about three weeks to my post “It Can’t Happen Here” you may remember you clicked on the “Like” button. You were the only person to do so. And that’s exactly why we’re in this fix – apathy. Ron Paul is one of the few people in politics who has held consistently to upholding the Constitution. I commend the young man in the video. Perhaps, if not from those who are older and complacent, there is hope if the youth of this country gets involved. During the sixties we helped bring Viet Nam to a quicker end than it might otherwise have been. Young people can help us take back the country from the privateers and aristocrats who think that it’s their private playground.

    • I do remember that post:
      “It Can’t Happen Here”
      It was a great article that made me think deeply about our current state of affairs. And I agree with you that we “young people” are the ones who must fight to take back this country from the aristocrats trampling carelessly over our future. It’s interesting that you mention Viet Nam; I’m in a Media & Social Movements class right now in which we are dissecting past media coverage & impact of many different protests, including the Viet Nam protests. We are just stunned by the unreleased video footage we’re watching of how peaceful those protests attempted to be and how violently the authorities reacted. It’s sobering and scary, because you can see the beginnings of that today in the OWS protests. But thanks to you, and others before us who bravely (literally!) paved the way, we have the freedom to fight to be heard, and an encouraging example to follow in doing so.

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