Friday Blaque List 16

What I’m…


The Colony




It’s 2012.

Ten months ’til Doomsday. I need to know how to survive it.



Is anyone else thinking about preparing?


Or is it just me & a handful of Doomsdayers?



That I’m not crazy.

See, this end-of-the-world scenario is different. There’s all kinds of scientific & astrological evidence. And Nostradamus. Okay, forget Nostradamus. But, really, there’s a ton of tangible, verifiable evidence that says this is it.




That maybe I’m the one who’s verifiable…ly insane. For believing all the hype. 😯



Proactive & ridiculous.


What’s your 2012 Blaque List?


Blaque List


7 thoughts on “Friday Blaque List 16

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  2. Whether it’s the Georgia “Guidestones”, Nostradamus or the Mayans, there seems to be a confluence of guidance that our little planet earth (and its inhabitants) will undergo a big change at the winter soltice this year.
    It also happens that December 21st will be my companion-dog Gracie’s six birthday.

    We live on a world that is changing that exists in a galaxy that is changing a million times as quickly as our little planet. Stuff happens. And I hope that some of that stuff will occur (for the better) as we approach a new age. Hopefully, it will be a better one.

    • Oh Gracie, honey, don’t worry! No matter what happens, you are with the perfect person to see you thru it all. And, from what I’ve read about you on your mom’s blog, you will take just as loving care of her, too. 🙂
      (Meet Gracie!

      As far as “our little planet earth,” I agree. We are but a tiny speck in, as you said, “a galaxy that is changing a million times as quickly as our little planet.” But no matter what happens, I believe we will come out where we are meant to. And if we can manage to stick together, we will be that come out that much stronger.

  3. My friends and I hold this in a different way ~ not that it is the end of the world, doomsday, etc., but it is the end of the world as we know it. People all over the world are beginning to speak out more and more for their freedoms and rights, for no war. The internet has been an incredible tool in all of this ~ in bringing more people together so we can see that there really is no difference between us and them, that color, country, language, etc. doesn’t matter ~ bottomline, the majority of us want peace, want to live in cooperation with compassion and understanding. Will there be big changes that may effect us personally as well ~ probably as life doesn’t stay stagnant. Fear creates drama, unease, disease, war and unrest. I try really hard to keep myself in check when I feel scared or angry ~ I take lots of deep breaths and keep remembering that the other person is me. What can I do to help, to calm, to serve, to make life easier for myself and all those around me? It’s not that I’m not preparing, but in a different way. I’m preparing by keeping my heart open as much as I can and stay conscious of my thoughts, my words, my actions because they all have an affect, not just on me, but it all ripples out. I stay away from the doomsday reports/predictions ~ they don’t help anyone. There are many predictions that hold what I’m talking about. Scientifically, we’re all of the same energy, including the Earth. The Earth is shifting and so are we ~ for the better.

  4. My son and I have been talking about this very subject for some time. We are both convinced that there is something very real about this Dec 21, 2012 thing. We have made certain preparations, including being together at that time. Most people can’t wrap their their head around it.

    • God, I’m so glad I’m not alone! I think you’re right about there being something to this particular event. There is too much scientific evidence supporting it. Other Doomsday scenarios have not had the scientific community behind them. This one does. And that, in itself, is unsettling because rarely do you see scientists lining up to agree with one another about Doomsday predictions. However, what their science is showing is not an end-of-the-world scenario. It, instead, shows is an end-of-technology-as-we-know-it scenario. They are saying that the particular alignment of planets “around” Dec. 21, 2012 (and they all point out that our calendar is not as accurate as we like to believe, so this date may be off by a few weeks to a couple of months) will shift Earth in a manner that will cause advanced technology to cease being operational across the globe. They’re saying the shift will take us back to the stone age, technologically. We will have to start all over, from scratch…

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