For Shame!

fat-cat-eating-fishThis week’s Smackdown goes to our government for its greedy, gluttonous, money-grubbing, mercenary, piggish, leech-like, self-indulgent, avaricious, opportunistic, sociopathic healthcare system which sends us bleeding and limping to the poorhouse – provided we don’t die in battle with our healthcare insurance providers (if we even have insurance) first!

This raping, ravenous, rapacious corporate-controlled government healthcare system is forcing hard-working Americans (us!) to resort to all manner of desperate alternatives to survive serious illness, and insure basic human health for ourselves and our families.

pharmacist-with-government-test-tubesWhile miserly healthcare insurance providers and mercenary pharmaceutical corporations play tug-of-war with our wallets, our government sits in polished mahogany chairs, sipping lattes between rounds of political party one-upsmanship.

But as this partisan game of tag drags out, and citizens die from lack of affordable healthcare, one community in Falmouth, Maine has begun taking matters into their own hands.

shocked-patient-looking-at-hospital-billAs one foreign (because our own news media is owned by the very corporations who are raping us, and therefore not free to report too extensively on our suffering at the hands of these corporate mercenaries) news report states:

While politicians in Washington, D.C. continue to argue about the future direction of U.S. healthcare, people like True North and other clinics in Maine and around the country, feel that though their ideas are not unique, they are making a real difference in the lives of people who need healthcare at the community level.”


Is affordable healthcare an issue for you?

How do you feel about our healthcare system?


Sylver’s Saturday Smackdown

10 thoughts on “For Shame!

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  3. Not to turn to the “dark” side of a very dismal situation, there is an increasing amount of healthcare conversation on the internet that uses the term “population management.”

    Does anyone remember the 1973 movie starring Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson entitled, “Soylent Green?”

  4. The US went from having a healthcare system that the whole world was envious of and now it’s a joke. Libya and Venezuela have universal healthcare. Libya used to anyway. But those countries, whose wealth is minuscule compared to the US figured out a way to afford it and the US can’t? It’s because they shared the nation’s wealth with the people. Why doesn’t the US do this? Well who owns America’s wealth? The fat cats. And they don’t like to share.

  5. This situation really enrages me. The megabanks and the megacorps have reduced benefits for millions to increase profit. Now there is no health care, no pension, no vacation or sick leave for
    $11 an hour, take it or leave it. Health care and pension is dumped so feds subsidize corp profit to provide medicare and social security which are far too inadequate and not sustainable. Then half of congress as well as current candidates promote the individual self insurance non employee based with some tax credit to buy one’s own insurance. How many people can afford $850 a month and wait for some kind of income tax refund? There is nothing left in paychecks without that expense already. On the opposite side of the coin they say requiring health insurance violates freedom. Oh sure, so a guy chooses not to buy insurance because he wants liberty but the county hospital is stuck with his $300,000 triple by-pass operation cost. In Miami due to unemployment, legal and illegal immigrants maybe 70% of population has no insurance. They flood the emergency rooms and the hospitals are in near collapse. On the other hand people who say Obamacare is too expense can afford to buy their insurance or have it because it is still employer provided. If we did not spend over $3 million a day on these useless wars maybe something could be financed to include every one. Another problem is that my doctor must wait 4 months for medicare reimbursement for treating medicare recipients. I suppose regardless of one’s position it all comes down to how can we deliver quality health care for 40,000,000 people who have no insurance and 325,000,000 that do and how will we pay for it. And compounding the issue is the poor quality of health care delivery endured by far to many in the present system.

    • This is great info! Thank you for sharing this passionate comment. I didn’t know about Miami’s hospital situation. And your other points show the rampant fissures in healthcare that are not being addressed by our profit-obsessed, corporate-controlled government which, sadly and maddeningly, is more concerned with partisan politics & pharmaceutical profits than with the portion of society it is supposed to be serving – the PEOPLE.

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