Spiders’ Brainy Legs

spider-on-woman's-foreheadHumans are at the top of the food chain.

We are the gods, if you will, of all living things.


So why is it that our brains fill only our skulls, while a spider’s brain fills 80% of its entire body?

According to Science Daily, even the tiniest spiders have “deformed, bulging bodies” containing excess brain. The smaller the spider, the proportionally larger the brain, filling up more and more of their body cavities.

Says William Wcislo, of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, “The smaller the animal, the more it has to invest in its brain, which means even very tiny spiders are able to weave a web and perform other fairly complex behaviors. We discovered that the central nervous systems of the smallest spiders fill up almost 80 percent of their total body cavity, including 25 percent of their legs.”




Beware humans.

Brainy spiders may be crawling to the top of a food chain near you.




Photographing a spider’s web anytime soon?

Be sure to have cornstarch on hand to create an exciting depth of field.

Check out how photography has transformed the study of spiders & their webs.


How intelligent will you feel next to a spider, now?


World News Wednesday



4 thoughts on “Spiders’ Brainy Legs

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    • Lol! :mrgreen: I love spiders. Okay, honestly, I used to be afraid of them. But after sleeping in so many jungles over the years, I became accustomed to feeling so many crawly, hairy, wriggly, slimy, skittering things on me that spiders became the least of my worries! Now, I like them. They’re actually quite beautiful and so interesting to watch. And their diversity is astounding. And, trust me, if somebody put one million dollars in your hand & said all you have to do is touch a spider…touch the damn spider!! 😛

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