Song: Maqsoum

                       Artist: Mahmoud Fadl

                                                      Country: Egypt


Genre: Middle Eastern Dance

Mood: Intensely rapid bongos infect you with a rhythmic high that makes your body move whether you want it to or not!


World Music Monday


5 thoughts on “Maqsoum

  1. Well I am a Beatles and Stones and Led Zep fan but certainly have a deep respect for ancient Egyptian history and they were much more advanced in astronomy and medicine and literature that most Americans are aware of enough to appreciate. Architecture and required mathematical skills still remain astonishing.

    • I love people who are open to new & foreign experiences! 🙂 And you’re absolutely right about how advanced Egyptians were but, you know, this side of history isn’t really taught in Western schools unless at university in a related major or minor. It’s a shame that our ideology insists upon focusing on Europe’s Renaissance while ignoring the fact that Arab-ruled Cordoba’s Renaissance flourished first, and ultimately propelled the rest of Europe out of the Dark Ages.

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