Afghanistan’s Next President – A Woman?

fawzia-koofi “One day the Taliban will probably succeed in killing me. I am resigned to this fate. But for as long as I am alive, I will not rest in my desire to lead my people out an abyss of corruption and poverty.

For this reason, I am running for the Afghan presidency in 2014.”

So says Fawzia Koofi, renowned author, noted activist for women’s and children’s rights, and mother of two daughters. As reported by The Daily Beast, Koofi is also currently a leading candidate for Afghanistan’s presidential elections to be held in 2014.

As an infant, Koofi was exposed – left out to die in the sun. Today, she is the first female deputy speaker of the Afghan Parliament, on her way to the presidency of a country in which women aspiring to seats of power live in fear of their lives.

In an interview with the BBC, Koofi details unimaginable dangers and high hopes on her road to the presidency.


World News Wednesday

4 thoughts on “Afghanistan’s Next President – A Woman?

  1. Very brave and noble but the odds of her winning the presidency are astronomical. In a super conservative and religious (read that as stupid and close-minded) society, I highly doubt they’ll let their country be led by a woman when most men there don’t even want their women to be educated. Seems like I always have something negative to say. I’m the glass half empty kind of guy.

    • In this case, your negativity has some truth to it – some men don’t want women educated, but not all men. I’ve met plenty of men in Afghanistan whose wives, daughters, sisters, etc. attend school with their support and protection. So don’t give up hope on Fawzi just yet. There are positive changes happening there that our media ignores because it doesn’t fit into Western ideology.

    • She is a very strong, and brave woman. I admire and pray for her every day. I’ve met so many strong, brave Afghani women there, and I can tell you that she’s not alone in endeavors to move women into power. Many others are striving for more control and, slowly but surely, they are gaining momentum. Insha’Allah!

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