These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

christmas-gifts-under-treeI love Christmas.

So much!

It’s the only time of year when everyone seems to be feeling good all at the same time.

‘Happy’ and ‘Christmas‘ just go together like a hand in a glove.

Wouldn’t it be great if every month could be as feel-good as December?

Sooooo…in honor of this yummy holiday, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things about Christmas…

1. The Anticipation!


Of uniting with family, friends, of their responses to my gifts, of the food, the parties and dancing, the dressing up, the great conversations, shared stories and photos.

And, of course, holiday romance is in the air…



2. The Decorations!


Sparkly lights are everywhere! Buildings get all gussied up, homes become wonderland show palaces.

Even people decorate themselves…gaudy Christmas sweaters rule! (not really, but it’s the feeling that counts 🙂 )



3. Christmas Songs!


Holiday music just warms the soul, doesn’t it? Gets you all wiggly & excited like a l’il kid. I love finding new and international renditions of old faves. I’ll be sharing them all this month in World Music Monday 


4. Kid Joy!


They are, like, beside themselves with happy happy joy joy. Everything in their sweet l’il lives becomes all about Santa coming.

I love the way their eyes bug out at toy commercials – because toy commercials at Christmastime have way more meaning.

The toys in Christmastime commercials actually materialize! 😀



5. People!

They’re nicer. They smile more.


When you bump them on crowded city streets, they smile good-naturedly instead of scowling like they wanna rip your head off. And when you get bumped, you suddenly wanna hug them! Well…okay, maybe not. But still.

The fact is that this special holiday puts everyone in a good mood. Every day. Even people you hate morph into quasi-friends at Christmastime!


6. Shopping for Xmas gifts!


For my baby bears, foxes, reptiles, birds, bats, possums, squirrels, tarantulas, and any other animals I’ve brought home from the rescue center where I work.


But I most especially love Christmas shopping for my doggies.

So fun!

I picture their reactions to the stuffed toys, and Flintstone-sized bronto-bones from the butcher. I revel in their excitement…sweet l’il and wolf-sized wriggly bodies and whipping tails.


There’s nothing more satisfying than elated Christmas doggies!


What are your favorite things about Christmas?


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