5 Medieval Facts of Life II

1.  Animals were arrested, and tried in court for crimes against humanity.


Biting, charging, and giving sour milk were just a few accusations leading to animal arrests. If found guilty, these animal criminals would be sentenced to death.

2.  Syphilis was called the “French Disease” because medievals believed the French were the most promiscuous of all nationalities of peoples.


3.  You know those red and white poles that mark barber shops? Well, brace yourself for their macabre origin

Medieval barbers didn’t just clip hair. They also performed the roles of dentists and surgeons. Bandages soaked with blood would be rinsed and hung from a pole outside the barber’s shop to dry. These strips of blood-stained fabric would twist in the wind, forming the spiral pattern of the barber pole we are familiar with today.


4.  Taking out the garbage was a chore the medievals did not trouble themselves with very often.

Rooms in homes would be lined with leafy branches, and dust, debris and garbage would simply be swept beneath them. Mice and rats would do away with edible garbage, and the branch leaves would keep them out of site as they nibbled away. The leaves also served to hide non-edible trash, so branches were replaced as the leaves withered.


5.  Anal sex was quite common during medieval times.

It was an accepted form of birth control, and the most common way for promiscuous young girls to remain virgins until their wedding night. It was also the manner of sex for male family members who molested their sisters, daughters, and nieces. Familial molesters had an interest in keeping their victims virgins for a wedding night to a rich nobleman whose shared wealth would only be forthcoming to a new wife’s family if she was proven to be a virgin on the wedding night.


Which one of these facts of life could you live without?

4 thoughts on “5 Medieval Facts of Life II

    • Lol! Yeah, they are the worst. I can’t imagine hiding garbage in my home for rats to nibble on – shudder! And # 5 is just unspeakable. As for what people will think of us centuries from now…that’s a good question. I’m going to have to ponder that one. I’m sure there are things we’re doing right now that we think are perfectly natural, but that will make people in the future shudder. But I can’t think of anything at the ‘mo because everything feels so, well, natural! 🙂

  1. LOL. I knew the bit about the barber pole. I’m a bit confused about the animals being tried. Did they have another animal for a lawyer? If a pig was going to eaten anyhow, what purpose did a trial serve?

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