Fired for Saving an Animal’s Life

woman-who-saved dog-at-airport-lynn-jonesThis week’s Smackdown goes to Airport Terminal Services and its president, Sally Leible for firing their baggage handler employee, Lynn Jones.


For saving a dog’s life.

The dog’s owner brought him to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, expecting to travel with him even though the animal was in a visibly obvious abused state. Lynn Jones took one look at the dog’s injuries, and refused to load him into the airplane’s cargo.

“He was just totally emaciated,” Jones said. “He had sores on his body, and his paws were raw. I was crying. I said, ‘This dog is going to die.”

Her reward for being the only one willing to step up for a starved, abused animal, to save it from the pressurized rigor of flying in the cargo of an airplane, which would probably have killed it?

She was fired.

Her ATS supervisor ordered her to put the half-dead dog onto the plane, but when Jones refused, she was told: “You’re done. Go home.”

Airport Terminal Services deactivated her security badge, and refused to return her phone calls. Only after a public outcry and hundreds of letters supporting Jones’ heroic action, did ATS offer to re-hire her.

According to MSNBC, a statement on the ATS website claims that it, “takes this situation extremely seriously and commends this employee’s situational awareness and her desire to raise the concern on behalf of the canine involved.”


Could have fooled me. And the rest of the world.

So, they “commend” concerned employees by firing them.

Nice commendation.

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4 thoughts on “Fired for Saving an Animal’s Life

  1. This is a brave woman, someone has to make a stand for what is right in this world or we are all doomed.
    What happened to the dog? Did the stupid airport skins let it travel or was the owner arrested? Some skins should never be allowed to keep pets or have children. Scum

    • Yes, this lady was very brave & should have been praised for her heroic action on behalf of this poor animal. Because of her, the dog was taken to a vet, but get this – he was RETURNED TO THE OWNER. 😦

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