Bone-Chilling Christmas Under the Sun


Christmas is coming! 

The air is crisp and cold. And there’s snow!

Tons of it!


But hang on…why are the streets so empty? Where are the twinkling lights? Why isn’t there any holiday music playing?

And what’s going on with your friends and family? No calls, no invites, no visits, no gatherings…

Most suspicious of all, you’re not being bombarded with advertising. No avalanches of gift ideas slamming upside your head at every turn.

What gives? It’s Christmas. Why is everything so silent? Why do you feel so cold, and alone?

And where the hell is the moon??

Well, my friend, you’re in a place where the Christmas sun shines for 24 hours.  And snow, I’m afraid, is all you’ll get this year because Christmas is a northern hemisphere holiday that doesn’t quite mesh with the southern hemisphere schema of your current location.

The Antarctic.

Here, scientific stations proliferate and everyone around you is working. It’s the only reason they’re all here. Work. A world away from their friends, families, and holiday preparations and celebrations. And Christmas, it turns out, is the busiest season of the year.

So, what, no parties? No gifts? No fun?

tent-in-snow Not exactly.

It may not be not what you’re used to, but there’s some fun to be had.

There’ll be a “field party” in a tent or hut constructed on the snow in the middle of nowhere. There will most likely be only 1 or 2 other partiers in attendance.


But no worries!

 There’ll be plenty of penguins.


Nobody can party like penguins!

If more homosapiens turn up for the fiesta, you can count on them being of varying nationalities, who may not even speak your language.

But hey, who needs common language for whiskey toasts to families back home?

And check out South Pole fashion – whew! Not sure I could stand the smell of myself cocooned in these layers after not showering for weeks!

Could you?

Can you imagine spending Christmas in the South Pole (sans Santa!)?


Foreign Eyes Friday

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