Dense Danish Design

danish-design-homeThink your living space is cramped?

Take a peek at typical Danish design.

Oprah took a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to tour an average Danish home – a family with three kids whose room is so compact that Oprah was nearly able to touch all walls with outstretched arms!

Oprah’s response?


As she moved from the kid’s room into the kitchen, then bathroom, Oprah’s main questions were:

1. “This is the whole bedroom?”

2. “This is your whole refrigerator?”

3. “This is the whole bathroom?”

Danish homeowner, Stine Holscher, was amused by our very American proclivity for space. The most important thing to Danes, it turns out, has nothing to do with space, or issues of privacy.

“We like [to] spend time together with the family,” Holscher explains. “That is the most important thing to us.”



Can you see your family squeezing into Danish design?

And would your Danish home stay this clean??


Foreign Eyes Friday

16 thoughts on “Dense Danish Design

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  9. Yes, I could live there! I really like the idea of smaller spaces. I think that it makes you streamline your life. You live with less clutter! I love the concept!

      • I completely agree, although probably would never be able to follow it unless I just picked up and started fresh in a new country! When I lived in Portugal, I ended up staying in an historic 500 year old apartment that was 30m2. I thought I was crazy for doing it, but it was in my price range and I wanted the “historic” aspect of it. To my amazement, it worked. Could I have used a little more storage space? Of course. But it wasn’t the end of the world. Going back to the US and visiting my parents’ house felt like I had died and gone to heave; and to think that before I had thought their house was small!

        • Isn’t it funny how things we take for granted become so AMAZING after being away from them for awhile? This happens to me all the time after returning home from long trips away. I can imagine how big your parent’s house must have seemed when you returned there – “heaven” is right! : ->
          But how wonderful it must have been to live in such an historic apartment in Portugal – wow! Lucky girl!

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