Native American Indian News Reel

Indian Country Today explores the Wampanoag side of the First Thanksgiving story of 1621. The Wampanoag and Pilgrims did not sit down for a big turkey dinner. It was an event which the Wampanoag neither knew about nor were invited to in advance.



PBS History Detectives explores Ince’s Hollywood Indian Payroll: Who were “Two Lance and Wife” and “Luke Big Turnip and Wife?” And why did the New York Motion Picture Company pay them each week? How did these Native Americans earn their pay? Did Hollywood treat them fairly?



In Indian Country Today, Rob Schmidt expounds upon the light & dark of the 20/20 special entitled “Children of the Plains,” in which correspondent Diane Sawyer visits South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation and makes less-than-revealing observations.



The Wampanoag saved the Pilgrims from starvation, and lived to regret it. Their revered linguist, Jessie Little Doe Baird, help the Wampanoag tribe of Cape Cod and Martha’s vineyard revive their mother tongue.



Lindsey Catherine Cornum enlightens us in Remaking Native American Heritage Month, “a part of the larger tradition of the U.S. government granting minorities and marginalized peoples their own month as an abstract monument to their histories and recognition of their oppressions.


Says Cormum, “We are made to believe these are all good things, gifts we should be grateful for. Well, I refuse to believe. There will be no Thanksgiving this November.”


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