Happy Thanksgiving: Celebrating Genocide

In honor of the first Americans who suffer each year through our autumnal celebrations of Christopher Columbus and Thanksgiving, my posts this week are dedicated to Native American Indian victims of Empire, and to the ancestors of these victims struggling to live within our revisionist history.


My heart goes out to Native Americans on their National Day of Mourning.

Here are some wonderfully informative articles, videos, and interviews that present a non-mythological view of the holiday we embrace as “Thanksgiving.”

Debunking Pilgrim Myths: The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A Native American View

A People’s History of American Empire  by  Howard Zinn

The Massacre for Which Thanksgiving is Named

Some Vignettes for Thanksgiving

Searching Alternative Narratives

Raining on the Thanksgiving Day Parade


Please share your own resources with us all!

May knowledge help us to celebrate truth rather than falsehoods, and place us on a path of understanding & compassion for all.


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving: Celebrating Genocide

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    • Papà; is that you?! Lol 🙂 I, too, am passionate about equality for all. Unfortunately, that is not the norm. But, tiny stars that we may be, we can still shine out the darkness little by little. If we all do it, it becomes a bright light that illuminates and eradicates injustice.

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