Elephants Rescue Drowning Baby

I have an inexplicable affinity with elephants.

I don’t know why. I just do.


They are so intelligent, loving and attentive within their family communities, and – contrary to popular belief – quite peaceful animals.

I look at elephants, and I feel warm and wondrously happy.

I simply adore them.

Here is one of the many reasons why



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5 thoughts on “Elephants Rescue Drowning Baby

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  2. I too have an affinity for elephants. For me it is about how they travel in extended families and show great care for their young. On my living room wall is a large framed limited edition print of a family of 6 elephants traveling the brush.

    • Wow! Very cool. I used to dream about being the Dian Fossey for elephants. But my parents were like, seriously? Honey, you need to major in something that pays money so you’ll still be able to eat when we’re gone. Riiiiight. Journalism. I’ll be a zillionaire in no time flat!

  3. I love elephants and seeing this video made me love them even more. It shows how caring they are, how they’ll pull together to help each other. They didn’t stop until the baby was safe and even when the baby was finally safe, several elephants stayed around and surrounded the baby, making sure that everything was ok… Beautiful!

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