See No Evil

This super-duper-Smackdown goes out to any and everyone in the Penn State University child sex rape scandal who:

see-hear-speak-no-evil1. Had even an inkling that kids were being molested by their defensive football coach Jerry Sandusky and KEPT QUIET ABOUT IT FOR NINE YEARS.

2. Covered for or defended those who covered for him.



How do you walk into a shower room, SEE a child “being subjected to anal intercourse (i.e. being RAPED – because, though our media must use p.c. terminology, make no mistake about it: sex with a child is RAPE), then just turn around and WALK OUT?

This is a serious question.

I really want to understand how a person sees a child being molested, but does not immediately remove that child from the rapist. There was no gun, no danger, no physical threat to the potential savior.

There was only an elderly, naked RAPIST and a terrified, naked child BEING RAPED.

How do you not ACT???


What is there to think about?




How do you learn that children are being molested by the coach of your school, but you do not report it to authorities AND fire the molester in order to SAVE THE CHILDREN??

How do you choose to protect the reputation of an institution over the safety of CHILDREN BEING RAPED??


How do you not ACT???

What is there to think about when CHILDREN ARE BEING RAPED???


What’s your view on this issue?


Sylver’s Saturday Smackdown

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