“World’s Worst” Senate Reporting

media-biasIn the current climate of growing mistrust of mainstream news coverage of the nation’s power mongers, Salon’s Alex Pareene exposes Politico’s use of terminology in reporting as sorry.

On Nov. 4, Politico reported that “Rival Democratic and Republican jobs bills failed in the Senate on Thursday, the latest sign of the partisan gridlock gripping Washington as Americans look for relief from high unemployment and a sagging economy.”

Says Pareene, “Even by the sorry standards of the mainstream press, this story is ridiculous [since the problem is that] Republicans continue now-normalized practice of abuse of Senate procedure to block popular jobs bills because they object to raising taxes on rich people, and wish to deny the president legislative victories.

This, says Pareene, “does not sound as objective as “Both parties block jobs bills.”” 


Do you think news coverage of the powers that be is accurate?


World News Wednesday

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