Robo-Dog Leads the Blind in Japan

robo-dog-for-the-blindJapanese company NSK has constructed a robotic guide dog to assist the visually impaired.

The robo-dog glides on wheels, uses a Kinect to evaluate and understand its environment, and gives information and commands to its owner in a female voice.

Imagine that.

The dog giving commands to the owner.


What do you think about a robo-dog leading the blind?


World News Wednesday

4 thoughts on “Robo-Dog Leads the Blind in Japan

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  2. HAHA Yea that will be pretty cool! They have every sort of Cafe imaginable in Korea from Dog cafe to cat cafe(play with real cats and dogs!) to Hello Kitty and Charlie Brown Gafe(everything branded with those characters), to Board game Cafe to Princess cafe(you can dry on princess/wedding dresses and fancy dress)!! It’s awesome!

  3. Robots are all the craze in Japan, and Korea too. We saw a robot cafe where you give your order to a robot waiter and then he brings it to you. Was mad!

    • I’ve heard about those! I’d love to see one. Didn’t know they were in Korea, too. I guess one day in the near future (providing we survive 2012 😛 ) we’ll all have pb’s (personal bots) in place of our pc’s!

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