Banks Block Donations to WikiLeaks

credit-cardWe, as free citizens in a democratic nation, are permitted to donate our money to extremist organizations – even to certain organizations deemed a terrorist threat by the FBI.

However, we are not permitted to donate our money to WikiLeaks.

In the absence of mainstream news coverage of an alarming blockade taking place by bankers against WikiLeaks, spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson has resorted to informing us of this event by any means possible.

In an Al Jazeera opinion piece, Hrafnsson exposes that “secret documents revealed by WikiLeaks show a different story” of the devastating effect of the banks on the 2008 economic crash.

banker-holding-armful-of-moneySays Hrafnsson, “WikiLeaks has published hundreds of documents exposing corruption and illegality within the banks.

Initially bank secrecy had the aim to protect the privacy of costumers. Now it has become a tool to hide the wrong doing of the banks themselves at the expense of their account holders and as we have seen recently, the population at large.

Corrupt bankers…have an interest in silencing WikiLeaks as is evident in the unprecedented illegal steps taken by VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, WesternUnion and Bank of America.”

Hrafnsson details exactly how banks/credit companies are silencing WikiLeaks in this report entitled, “You Can’t Bank on Free Speech.”


What do you think about how the banks are using their power to keep us in the dark?


World News Wednesday

14 thoughts on “Banks Block Donations to WikiLeaks

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