Michael Moore Pleads for More Thorough News Coverage of Corporate America’s Liability in Income Inequality

michael-mooreFilmmaker/Documentarist Michael Moore put out an impassioned plea to U.S. mainstream news media regarding their coverage of corporate interests and the Occupy Wall Street protests.

This is a rigged casino,” says Moore, in an interview with a CNBC news anchor.

The guys on [Wall Street] played with people’s futures, people’s pension funds, credit default swaps, no regulation from D.C. And it’s still going on!

And if I could just very respectfully ask you and CNBC, you know, you are in this, you are journalists, it’s your job not just to report that the DOW is up 95 points already today, but to go in there and find out what’s really happening. Who’s making this money? Who’s dividing this pie up so that the one percent get the majority of it? That’s really the story. That’s the story your fellow Americans want you to do,” Moore pleaded. “So, please do your job! Please!


Do you agree with Michael Moore’s appeal for more thorough news coverage of corporate America’s role in income inequality?


World News Wednesday

17 thoughts on “Michael Moore Pleads for More Thorough News Coverage of Corporate America’s Liability in Income Inequality

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  4. YES, MAINSTREAM MEDIA. DO YOUR JOB in shedding light on income disparity. And please start by finding how much money Michael Moore made from Fahrenheit 9/11 and how little money the craft service guy and the assistant editor made on that film. Seriously, what are those numbers? The entertainment industry must be the ABSOLUTE WORST OFFENDER in this area and they point fingers everywhere else…but I don’t see Tom Cruise taking a pay cut to share it with the Key Grip.

    • Thanks for commenting on this, Dave. There’s definitely no shortage of finger-pointing – I agree! As much as they appear to champion the underdog, can you imagine Hollywood celebs agreeing to less money per movie? 😯

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