U.S. Company Web-Blocking Devices Used in Syria

As the government in Syria rains bullets into crowds of protestors fighting for freedoms, censors incoming web info, and thwarts the online activity of its citizens, a U.S. company admits to providing the internet filtering devices used to do so.


The Wall Street Journal reports that Blue Coat Systems of Sunnyvale, CA “shipped the Internet filtering devices to Dubai late last year, believing they were destined for a department of the Iraqi government. However, the devices—which can block websites or record when people visit them—made their way to Syria, a country subject to strict U.S. trade embargoes.”

Executives at Blue Coat say they don’t know how their blocking devises wound up in Syria. “We don’t want our products to be used by the government of Syria or any other country embargoed by the United States,” says Blue Coat senior vice president, Steve Daheb.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The discovery of the devices in Syria shows the difficulty of controlling U.S. tech exports...”


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World News Wednesday


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