Google Upholds Constitution

The Huffington Post reports that more than one unnamed U.S. law enforcement agencies have petitioned Google to remove YouTube videos showing police brutality.


Moreover, reports Huff Post’s Bianca Bosker, Google was asked by the U.S. government to remove 757 items in the first half of 2011. As well, the report states that “the U.S. topped charts as the government that placed the third highest number of content removal requests…ahead of China,” and that “The U.S. also put in more requests for user data than any other country in the world.”

The Atlantic‘s reporter Rebecca Rosen says, “Google seems to be indicating that users who post such videos have the company’s protection. In places like Egypt and Tunisia, the spread of videos portraying government brutality seems to have galvanized protesters. If Google were to take down such videos, that could have a powerful detrimental effect on the Occupy movement.”


What are your thoughts about this?


World News Wednesday

16 thoughts on “Google Upholds Constitution

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  11. The government can never be trusted to do the right thing. Ever. That’s why whenever I see a popular video of police brutality or something similarly inflammatory I always download it for safe keeping.

    • That’s a smart move. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched something online, then needed it for research reference at a later date but POOF! Gone without a trace. I recently had to conduct research on the government-orchestrated deletion of published news articles by mainstream media, and the stats were mind-bogling. Until that job, I had no idea how pervasive the practice of media censorship is in the U.S. I spent sleepless months trying to disprove the documentation and stats, but to no avail. It was staring me in the face at every turn, but I just didn’t want to believe it. I mean, we are a democracy. So, I had a hard time accepting the high degree of U.S. news media censorship uncovered on this job. Still lose sleep over this revelation if I think about it too late at night ; [ I now rely heavily on foreign news media for research because there is so very much our media ‘blacks out.’

      • The US hasn’t been a democracy for 50 years. Our system has been warped into a form of corporatism and the PATRIOT ACT has taken a dump on the Constitution. Pretty sad that I have to watch Russian news to get truthful information about what’s happening in my own country.

        • I wouldn’t say we’re NOT a democracy; we have freedoms that are unimaginable in other parts of the world. But I would say we’re MOSTLY a democracy, though not as fully as we’re led to believe. And I would venture to say that, post-Clinton, we’re moving slowly/steadily toward being a quasi-democracy, sadly. And yeah, the Patriot Act IS gnawing away at our Constitution – in every sense of the word.

          • Look up the results of all the presidential elections. Every now and then, the popular vote is overridden by the Electoral College. Coincidentally, the presidents who win those elections are often the worst. In the last few years there have been several cases of voter fraud and personal freedoms have eroded by an intolerable amount. You don’t even have freedom of speech anymore. I’m constantly worried about being put on the no-fly list because I come dangerously close to saying what really needs to be said (revolution). I’m sure that if the founders saw what the country has become they would be ashamed of us. But I’m a hater and haters always gonna hate.

            • Not quite sure you’re a hater. My impression is that you’re someone who says what others won’t – which I always value because most people generally just purse their lips or nod & smile/shrug & smile/widen their eyes but still smile/etc.
              As for our presidential elections, you’ll get no argument from me about your contentions. As of the 2001 and 2005 quasi-elections, I no longer believe ‘We the People’ have much say in who ‘wins.’ However, I disagree with what you say about us not having free speech anymore. I have spent time in countries where citizens are arrested for congregating in groups of 3 or more, where people are ‘disappeared’ for saying anything against the government, where people are jailed for decades as punishment for something they wrote. So, though at times we are silenced, we still have freedom of speech to a degree that I value so much more now after having experienced the alternative. And as for being put on the no-fly list…be careful! Seriously. I have friends on that list, and they got there for things that should only apply in Communist countries!

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