Zombie Attacks Confirmed by White House

zombies-in-the-streetIn an emergency update on recent reports of a mass hysteria which began in the U.S. but now appears to be spreading around the globe, Channel 3 News broadcasts alarming footage.

Reporter Brenden Phillips takes us along on a panic-tinged ride into the eye of the hysteria on the streets of Los Angeles where, he says, “Things are out of control.These…these creatures…or zombies…or whatever the hell they are, are swarming the city! People are dying in the streets by the thousands!”

The newscast also reveals an emergency military briefing at the White House in which “a state of emergency” is declared. The announcement to the nation is as follows, quoted directly: “For reasons yet to be determined, the bodies of the recently deceased are returning to life and attacking the living.” The military has also confirmed that this “epidemic” has reached global proportions.


Also broadcast is a disturbing “survival” video demonstrating how to kill “zombies” which have “re-animated.”

The news report ends with a sobering “final” audio recording from the President of the United States in which he acknowledges that “…the lights of this great land dim, and the darkness of an uncertain future descends…”


Zombie News Wednesday 


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