Animal Bytes

Animals rule my heart.

These guys? They rule my funny bone!


Pommy Perseverance

(A testament to never giving up!)


Achoo! Boo!!

(If I had that much nose, sneezing would terrify me, too!)


I agree with everything these two are discussing!

(You can tell they’re educated by the vocabulary!)


Ruffled feathers

(A family tossed and blown by life’s elements!)


Chameleon Counterattack 

(aka: Chameleons Against Coltan)



Share your Sylver Lining!



Photo: Chameleon with cell phone –

14 thoughts on “Animal Bytes

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  4. I enjoyed the videos. That little fluffy puppy and the cats were so cute. I felt sorry for the duck and ducklings…glad they were all okay after the wind stopped. Hugs

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