Friday Blaque List 10

What I…


Even behind dark clouds, the sun is still there.




Faith in God.



To never fear. Anything.

I often think about Joan of Arc…how this young girl with no experience of war rode into battle after battle with complete faith that she would win. Everyone doubted her. But she never doubted herself because of her faith.

And she did win.




Is it possible to have that kind of faith today? The kind ‘la pucelle‘ (Joan) had…deep, complete, blind, unquestioning. The kind that does not waver. Ever.

No matter what happens around you. No matter who or how many people doubt you, ridicule you, shun you. No matter what demons in your mind fight to control you.

The kind of faith you ride without question, without an iota of doubt, into battle after battle, knowing…KNOWING you’ll prevail?

Is that kind of faith possible in this modern world?




And hopeful…



What’s  your Blaque List?


Blaque List


8 thoughts on “Friday Blaque List 10

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