Baby’s Babies


Something is happening to your body.

Something strange that’s not happening to the bodies of your friends.

Just yours.

It began with the bumps.



On your chest. 

Two swellings that are very tender to the touch. So much so that you can no longer sleep on your stomach. And when you go to the swimming pond now, you can’t take off your top because the other kids stare.

Then came the hair.

Which is supposed to be only on your head, like your friends. But your hair is now sprouting in places you don’t understand. Like that place where the big man who comes to lay on top of you at night touches.

He has hair down there, too.

Did it rub off on you?

But there’s something even stranger happening to your body now. The growing bump. Much, much bigger than your chest bumps. This growing bump gets bigger every month. It makes you feel sick sometimes. It makes you feel tired a lot, too.

And there’s something scary about this bump.

It moves.

It squirms. It pokes you. It twists and flops.

There’s something alive in there…


As disquieting as it is, there are babies having babies around the world.

In 1930, a 6-year-old girl in the USSR became pregnant after being molested by her grandfather. Though she carried the baby to term, it was stillborn.

In 1910, a 7-year-old Chinese girl became pregnant by a 9-year-old Chinese boy. The two became the nation’s youngest parents ever.

In April of 2000, an 8-year-old Russian girl from the Rostov region gave birth to a baby conceived with a 13-year-old boy.


Girls as young as 1 years old have become pregnant and birthed babies.

Though we tend to think of this phenomena as extremely rare, in fact there have been 245 girls under the age of 10 who have given birth within the last half-century alone.

And these are just the ones which are documented.


Most parents hide such disturbing pregnancies, for obvious reasons. Because of this, it is very difficult to document this phenomena, and nearly impossible to know exactly how often it occurs or the biological cause of such very young girls becoming pregnant and carrying a child to term.


What do you think of this phenomena?


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42 thoughts on “Baby’s Babies

  1. God, that’s awful! Could a one year old really have a baby, though? Are you sure? Surely you can’t get pregnant before you have menses, and a one year old is not going to have menstruated.

    • Well, of course he’d have to determine whether these poor babies had been “legitimately raped” before the prosecution of the legitimate perverts who did this could commence. But I must tell you, I am legitimately disturbed that such a legitimate misogynist is permitted to hold office in our once-legitimate democracy. 😐

    • Thank you for this comment. Yes, it’s very sad, indeed. The study of this phenomena is ongoing, and hopefully extensive research will bring attention to and action against perpetrators of such horror.

  2. and still we focus on how a woman should dress up…i am sure these kids were not provoking or asking for what they got…it is a sick world..filled with rage and violence..and then take out that on a woman or a kid..easy victims right!!

  3. Seems better nutrition and better health care last hundred years has led to girls reaching puberty 2 years sooner than normal range at present stage human evolution. Rape and child molestation are the vilest of criminal acts. I have no problem with cruel and unusual punishment in such cases.

  4. That is somewhat gross and disturbing, especially the 1-year old. I’m glad you clarified that her twin’s body hadn’t fully developed. This is totally like Ripley’s Believe It or Not. BTW–Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and reading so much of it! Much appreciated. : )

    • I do believe that is a most accurate description of this issue: “insanely disturbing.” Absolutely. And, hopefully, disturbing enough to encourage change. Thank you for this comment.

  5. A sick thing for sure. I agree with the stats being quoted too low. Due to the pressure of the society a lot goes unreported. However the greater miasma isn’t about these girls under 12 getting pregnant (the chances are close to nil, due to our biological evolution of reproduction), not to say the perpetrators should not be severely punished, its about the girls in the teens who face it at a much larger scale, everyday.

    Also thanks for liking the Passion song, 🙂

    • Good point. This is definitely not the kind of thing society wants to look too closely at, and so much of it does go unreported because of the stigma attached to it – which perpetrators are quite aware of, I believe. And, you’re right, teen girls need our protection as well. Thank you for this insightful comment.

      Also, I enjoyed that Passion song a lot – thanx for sharing it! 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. It is beyond belief, and something I would rather not believe, for sure. My research ended with 2000 stats, so I don’t know how many more cases have been documented since then. I can only hope the numbers are dwindling…

    • It really is awful. And you’re right – children should be protected at all cost. It’s our responsibility as adults. It’s one of the reasons I did this post – to make people aware that this is happening to innocents, and that the men who did these things escaped punishment & remain protected in the shadows.

  6. How is it even possible that someone as young as 2 can become pregnant? Their bodies are no where close to being to that stage of development. Its clearly impossible and not true at all.

    • Hi, Linda. Thanks for visiting. I understand your skepticism. I felt the same while researching this, but the documentation is there. If this is a farce, it’s the biggest one in history – spanning 2 centuries of documentation, involving medical professionals & scientists around the globe. That would make quite a story in itself!


    • I hear your anguish! Let me clarify that the documented 1-year-old who gave birth actually birthed her own twin. It had formed inside her rather than beside her in their mother’s womb. However, there are 2 other cases of girls this young (a 2 yr. old, and a 3 yr. old) who have become pregnant as a result of molestation. What I could not find in my research was documentation that the depraved men impregnating these babies had received the justice they deserve by being jailed and raped nightly by their cell mate Bubba!

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