Carpooling Making a Serious Comeback


In light of current global financial downturns, an old transportation venue rapidly spreading throughout 5,000 cities in 45 countries is poised to make a serious U.S. comeback.


As reported by FastCompany‘s Michael J. Coren, “It is possible the recession, and rising oil prices, will push more Americans to share rides to work each day. There will likely be plenty of carpool competition to put them there.”


Would you/Do you carpool?

Why/Why not?


World News Wednesday

3 thoughts on “Carpooling Making a Serious Comeback

  1. When I lived in my college city generally used public transportation or got rides from friends. Mostly because I’m a cheap skate when it comes to gas. Why pay all that money for something that’s just going to burn up? Doesn’t make sense to me.

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