Legacy of the Arab Spring

It’s a global insurrection against terrorist bankers, dictators, crooked oligarchs and deceitful politicians.”


I am amazed by the world-wide protests happening simultaneously.

The way I see it, there are 2 ways to look at this

1. Omg! Jesus is coming…Judgement Day…Revelations! It’s Armageddon…the end of days…the harbinger of Doom…the Rapture…the Apocalypse………..ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!!


2. Omg. Look at how united we all are! When have we ever been so united as a people, so affected by each other, across so many nations?

Like falling blocks of dominoes in reverse, we stand, lifted by our global neighbors…lifted out of our typical complacency.

We are no longer sheep.


We are all turning, walking against the ruling herdsmen, at long last blazing our own path of justice for all – not just for the upper echelon. We, together, are demanding that justice filter down to the oppressed, the middle-class, and the poor.


This is amazing…glorious! We are now truly as one, fighting for a similar cause against oppression and injustice…supporting each other in that fight…passing the baton from nation to nation, from sea to shining sea….WOW! ROCK ON, PEOPLE!!!!!!


I choose view #2.

What about you?


How do you feel about the world-wide protests?


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4 thoughts on “Legacy of the Arab Spring

  1. I have an article about Bahrain I’ll post tomorrow. Funny how the media will talk all day about Libya, Syria or Occupy but they somehow forget about Bahrain. Could it have anything to do with the fact that they host a US naval fleet and are a close US ally? I got a sneakin suspicion about this…

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