fat-person-in-love You have a secret.

You’re turned on by fat people.

It’s a secret because, in your society, most everyone is turned off by fat people.

But not you.

You love them.

You want to get close to them.

You want to kiss them, hold them, rub their wobbly bellies and have sex with them.

If it was socially acceptable…if you could walk through town arm-in-arm with your fat love and not have people snicker and stare incredulously…if your co-workers wouldn’t whisper behind your back or ostracize you when you bring your fat date to company events…if your family and friends wouldn’t pull you aside to ask why you’re with a fat person when you’re thin and could have anyone you want…if none of these things would happen, you could find yourself a really fat person to love, and build a happy life with them.

That is your dream.

To love a fat person without judgement…or ridicule.


Here’s another secret: there are muscular, handsome men who are truly turned on by fat women, and thin, beautiful women who desire men with plenty of excess body flab.

These fat-loving men find protruding female bellies, jiggly upper arms, and really wide bottoms extremely feminine and exciting. And these fat-loving women loathe six-pack abs but melt over men with soft, round stomachs and fat, fleshy thighs that slap together when they walk.


Are you a fat-lover?

How do you feel about fat-lovers?

Why do you think people give fat-lovers a hard time?


Foreign Eyes Friday

9 thoughts on “Fat-Lovers

  1. I absolutely adore “fat” women , I love their protruding bellies, round thighs, big butt’s and the whole “jiggly” thing, fat . chubby girls are the worlds most gorgeous and I’d die for a partner who doesn’t give a s**t about what’s socially acceptable and is happy being a big / growing girl !

    • Nooo…you have to believe! There is someone perfect for you out there, and he doesn’t give a hoot about society’s norms. All he cares about, all he’s waiting for…is YOU! Have faith, Sabrina! 🙂

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  3. Most people are narrow minded.
    They criticize what they don’t understand.
    They are irrationally fearful of catching “the fat.”
    They are usually self-righteous. Smug in their belief of their superiority.
    “Live and let live” is beyond them.

    And that is beyond me.

    • These are very astute observations. Unfortunately : / I’d be really curious to know how anyone could perceive fat as contagious (“catching the fat”), as if it were a disease. And you’re right, people do tend to criticize what they don’t understand. I also find that people criticize what they fear. Thanks for sharing this comment here.

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  5. In ancient times and in many undeveloped parts of the world, fat people were considered very attractive because it meant they could afford to eat more. But you’re super smart so I’m sure you already knew that. 😉

    • Actually, fat people are still considered attractive today in both developed and developing countries. In many countries I’ve been to, men ignored me because as one guy verbalized right to me, “Why don’t you eat? You’re invisible.” Talk about embarrassing moments. : / But your “super-smart” compliment is much better – thanx! Except that I’m not really super-smart, just super-curious about everything!

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