World’s First Fat Tax

fat-person's-stomachDenmark has become the first country ever to impose a tax on all foods containing saturated fats.

Butter, milk, pizza, oils, even pre-cooked foods…all will now be taxed in the amount of 16 kroner (aprox. US $2.87) per kilogram of saturated fat. For the past week, in order to avoid the pending price increases, Denmark citizens have been stocking up on saturated fatty items.

As reported by Al Jazeera Europe, Christian Jensen, an independent local Copenhagen supermarket vendor says,”It has been a chaotic week with a lot of empty shelves. People have been filling their freezers.”

The new tax, imposed by Denmark’s government, is an attempt to limit the intake of fatty foods. Says Gitte Hestehave, spokeswoman for Denmark food manufacturer DI Foodstuff, “As far as we have been able to determine, Denmark is the first country in the world to introduce a fat tax, but we know that other countries are following us closely and have their own plans.”


Would you be okay with a food fat tax?

What do you think about such a tax?


World News Wednesday

9 thoughts on “World’s First Fat Tax

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  4. I think the tax should be imposed on companies who make the stuff, not the consumer. The companies choose the cheapest materials (which also happen to be the most unhealthy) to make their food so they’re the ones who should pay extra for cutting corners.

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