Spain: Catalonia Presents Last Bullfight Before Ban


A 1914 arena for bullfighting, the last of its kind in Barcelona, will close in January 2012 – the result of a vote of Catalan politicians following the petition of 180,000 signatures to outlaw bull fighting in this part of Spain.


As reported by Al Jazeera, the bullfighting ban is “a relief to animal rights activists.” However, supporters of bullfighting contend that they will challenge Spain’s top court in regard to this ruling.


“I feel bad about it,” says Serafin Marin, who killed the final bull prior to this ruling. “God willing, I have the sad honor of killing the final bull.”

However, Elena Allure, animal rights campaigner, contends, “In the 21st century there is no space for bullfighting. It’s primitive.”


How do you feel about bullfighting?

Are you concerned about the abuse suffered by bulls in this spectator sport?


World News Wednesday

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