Fat Is Unacceptable

We, in our unjust, intolerant, judge-y physical perfection, have decided that…

A. Fat’ people are unacceptable.


Fat’ people choose what they eat, so it is their own fault they don’t fit our norm. Therefore, fat’ people are fair game for public ridicule.

B. Fat’ women are even more unacceptable.


They, too, choose their meals. So, it is their own choice not to fit in. Everyone knows women must be thin in order to be considered beautiful. Therefore, fat’ women deserve harsher judgement and greater public ridicule.

C. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie should apologize for being comfortable in his own ‘fat’ skin.

D. Governor Christie should not run for president because he’s too fat. Worse, he’s okay about his size, and that would set a bad example for obese-o-phobic Americans.


What do you think about how ‘fat’ people are treated?

Do you think Governor Christie’s weight should be a political issue? 


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6 thoughts on “Fat Is Unacceptable

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  5. I think if a person chooses to eat unhealthy and not exercise, it’s irresponsible and will make them a drain on the medical system if they have healthcare, but it’s their choice. I think people should be encouraged from a young age to live a healthy lifestyle but it’s not right to punish people for choosing to eat junk food and be lazy.
    As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that should matter about a presidential candidate is their policies. Religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, weight, etc are irrelevant. People who make issues of these non-issues are total morons and don’t deserve the privilege of living on this planet with me. How’s that for a response? 😉

    • I agree that people should not be punished for what they choose to eat. I mean, if being ‘fat’ is a drain on the medical system, so is being a bungee jumper, a smoker, a race car driver, and anything else people choose to do that may endanger their health. And as for “morons” who make issues of such non-issues as weight, preach it Ninja!

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