World Reaction to Palestinian Bid for Statehood

iran-flag-with-palestine-flagIran‘s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, rejects Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s application for UN statehood.

“Our claim is freedom of Palestine, not part of Palestine. Any plan that partitions Palestine is totally rejected,” says Khamenei. “Palestine spans from the river [Jordan] to the [Mediterranean] sea, nothing less.”


india-flag-with-palestine-flagIndia, who has always supported Palestine, has had an historically pro-Arab position partly due to the fact that India has a huge Muslim population which empathized with the Arab world, and viewed Israel with suspicion and distrust. But Muslim influence was not the only reason for India’s pro-Palestine stance, as reported by Al Jazeera’s Ramananda Sengupta in “India’s Israel-Arab Tightrope Walk.”

Initially China, the first non-Arab state to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), refused to recognise the State of Israel. Public support for the PLO became the crux of China’s policy towards the Arab world.

china-flag-with-iran-flagHowever, in the 1980s, China’s Palestine policy changed. Israel became Beijing’s major supplier of technology, and China suddenly acknowledged “Israel’s right to security and existence.” Moreover, the historical Tiananmen Square incident, and resulting isolation of the Chinese state, encouraged China to establish formal relations with Israel in 1992.

But today, China’s interest in improving its image in the Muslim world as well as its “long-term desire” to obtain strategic parity with the United States is leading China to support Palestine’s attempt to, once again, gain recognition in the UN – as reported by Al Jazeera’s Nima Khorrami Assl.

usa_israel_flagAnd as always, historically, Israel and the U.S. continue to stand in the minority in the UN as the opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state. 

CNN interviews Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren about Palestine’s bid for statehood, and U.S. relations with Israel.


How do you feel about the reactions of these countries

to Palestine’s bid for statehood?


Read my Op/Ed on this World News Wednesday Focus: Palestine’s UN Bid for Statehood

3 thoughts on “World Reaction to Palestinian Bid for Statehood

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  2. I think few governments actually care about the hardships faced by the Palestinians. It’s all about diplomatic positioning to be viewed favorably by Middle-Eastern countries as stated about India and China. In the end, the lives of 4 million people in a 3rd world country don’t matter to them.

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